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Design with Accessibility in Mind

It's important when creating a document to keep accessibility in mind as it's more difficult to apply after it's been converted to a PDF.  Use the following instructions to create documents that can be read and comprehended by everyone.

Adobe logoDownload Acrobat Reader.

Microsoft Word

Learn how to apply styles which increases the readability and functionality of a document, and additional techniques that make Word documents accessible, using the following resources:

Microsoft PowerPoint

It's important to add a textual description of images, charts and graphs using the alternate text option. Use the guides below to learn how to add alternative text and make PowerPoint presentations accessible:

Microsoft Excel

For those who cannot perceive color or pictures, a detailed description of the concept is necessary. Use the guides below to learn how to make the contents of a spreadsheet accessible:

Adobe InDesign

Learn how to apply accessibility standards when creating an Adobe InDesign file using the following resources: 

Adobe TV Training Videos 

Converting your document to PDF?

Use the following guides to ensure the accessibility of your document when converting it to the PDF file format.

Accessibility Checkers

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Last updated: Mar 5, 2014