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Measure Accessibility

This page provides information about accessibility testing tools that can be helpful in detecting accessibility concerns on websites and web applications. We recommend you test against both Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 to ensure long-term conformance with accessibility guidelines and create the best experience for users of the site or application.

Automated Testing

AMP (Accessibility Management Platform) is MU's automated accessibility testing tool by SSB Bart Group. AMP can assist with measuring the accessibility of University affiliated websites, web applications, and electronic documents.

This free tool is available for students, faculty, and staff on the Columbia campus.

To access AMP, log into the AMP tool and choose the "Sign on with University User ID" link.

To learn more about, AMP go to help.missouri.edu and search for "AMP". 

SSB Bart has also produced a series of short videos that include demos of assistive technology and discussion of common accessibility challenges. You can view them on SSB Bart's YouTube Channel.

Free Evaluation Checkers and Tools

To check the accessibility of sites unaffiliated with the University of Missouri or to supplement AMP, check out these free tools below:

Accessibility Checkers

Single page and site evaluation tools.

For information on how to check PDFs and other types of electronic documents,  please visit our Document Accessibility page.

Color Analyzers

  • WebAIM Color Contrast Checker - an in-browser hexadecimal color checker that quickly shows the contrast ratio of any color combination
  • Colour Contrast Analyzer (Win / Mac) - a downloadable tool that allows the user to compare and contrast any color combinations, online or off, no hexadecimal required

Vision Analyzers

  • Low Vision Support -a powerful vision analyzer that helps developers better understand vision impairment conditions, including simulations of vision disorders and color blindness.

Request Services

Our team can provide an accessibility evaluation of MU websites or web applications, and assist with how to create accessible web technologies. To request our services, please go to MyServices and complete the Web Accessibility Services request form.