Braille services

Braille Services

The ACT Center offers braille services to members of the MU community with visual impairment. Braille is a system in which characters are represented by raised dots that are read by touch.

Services Offered 

  • Braille transcription – transcribing items such as documents, manuals, articles, signs and menus into braille.
  • Braille labels – adhesive labels that can be affixed to business cards, signs, etc.
  • Tactile graphics – tactile interpretations of pictures or maps.

Typically there is no charge for services unless projects are complex and require a large volume of materials to produce. We do not provide braille services outside of the MU community.

How to Request a Braille Service

If you need information about our services, call the ACT Center at (573)884-2828. Students needing braille services should contact MU Disability Center at (573)882-4696.