Accessible technology illustration

Website Evaluations

The ACT Center offers accessibility evaluations for University of Missouri affiliated Websites, Web apps, and electronic documents. We provide suggestions on how to make accessible content for the widest range of users with various disabilities.

An evaluation can consist of the following services, customizable to your needs:

  • An explanation of Web accessibility and how to make your website accessible.
  • A demonstration of how your website works with adaptive technology.
  • A manual check of the accessibility of your website with adaptive technology and an automatic check with online checker tools.
  • A final report that provides an accessibility analysis of your site, including any issues and suggested solutions.

It is important to understand that creating an accessible website is a gradual process and that evaluations may need to be performed on a continual basis. 

Request an Evaluation

To request an accessibility evaluation of a MU Website or Web app, complete the Web Accessibility Service Request form at MyServices.

Visit the Web Accessibility page for more information on how to make your website accessible.