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Workstation Analysis

The Adaptive Computing Technology (ACT) Center provides MU faculty and staff with Workstation Analyses. If you are experiencing physical discomfort due to the setup of your personal workstation, let us help you to alleviate your current discomfort and prevent long-term injury.

Request an on-site Workstation Analysis.

What to Expect

A Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist will spend about a half an hour examining your work area to identify any risk factors. Additionally, he or she will share tips, exercises, and training on ergonomics as it applies to you. The analysis will include a brief discussion about the following

  • Any issues of concern
  • Your environment and surroundings
  • Your job responsibilities
  • Resources available to you

Lastly, we will make corrections on the spot to your workstation and document those changes that we are unable to make but recommend. 

Please recognize that there is no "instant fix" for aches and pains. This type of analysis is a process of trial and error and may require your body to be trained to compute in a different way.

The ACT Center staff follows the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines.

Do-it-Yourself Workstation Ergonomics

If you would like to evaluate your own workstation, learn more about the components of a healthy workstation or how to address areas of concern, visit our Workstation Ergonomics page.

Use our Purchasing Guide to evaluate workstation components and accessories you may want to buy. If you would like to try before you buy, the ACT Center has a variety of items you can look at and try out for a period of two weeks.


To schedule an appointment, call (573)884-2828.