Cognitive Assistance


We all think differently and how we learn best depends on our dominate abilities. Technology can help strengthen reading comprehension as well as spelling, brainstorming and outlining a paper. Whether it is a mobile app, text-to-speech software or the ability to type using your voice, we can find the technology unique to you.

Adobe LogoDownload Acrobat Reader.


Text-to-speech software reads the text aloud that is displayed on the screen.

NaturalReader for Windows or Mac
  • Basic text-to-speech program
  • Highlights each word as it is read aloud
  • Floating tool bar
  • Convert text to audio
  • Free version is available
GhostReader for Mac
  • Easy to use text-to-speech program
  • For the Macintosh only
  • Spell check documents
  • Natural-sounding voices
  • Convert text to audio
  • Download a trial
TextEdit Mac
  • Easy to use
  • Text-to-speech program
  • Built-into the Macintosh Operating System

Central Access Reader

  • Free text-to-speech software
  • Reads Microsoft Word Documents
  • Reads Math and equations
  • Windows and Mac compatible
Adobe Reader for Windows or Mac TextHelp Read&Write Gold for Windows
  • Advanced literacy program
  • Variety of study tools
  • Read text aloud
  • Spell check documents
  • Brainstorming and outline papers
  • Download a 30-day trial
TextHelp Read&Write Gold for Mac
  • Text-to-speech
  • Word prediction
  • Phonetic spell checker 
  • Fact mapper for brainstorming
  • DAISY reader
  • Download a 30-day trial
Kurzweil 3000 for Windows Kurzweil 3000 for Mac WYNN Wizard for Windows

Word Prediction

Word prediction software gives the typist several choices of a word as a word is being spelled out.

  • Interprets spelling and grammar
  • Offers word suggestions 
  • Predicts the next word to be typed
  • Basic tool that suggests words as you type
  • Provides spoken feedback 
  • Works with common applications
  • 30-day free trial
Kurzweil 3000 TextHelp Read&Write Gold
  • Powerful built-in word prediction feature that
  • Learns how you write
  • Watch the video


Use your voice to type on the computer.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Windows
  • Use your voice to type
  • Dictate notes and documents 
  • Powerful speech recognition program
  • Import a list of vocabulary words
  • Customize the program according to your needs
Windows 7 Speech Recognition
  • Built-in Microsoft Windows 7
  • Speech Recognition tool
  • Microphone required
  • Use Windows 7 Speech Recognition User Guide
Dragon Dictate for Mac
  • Availble for the Macintosh only
  • Dictate notes and documents
  • Formally known as MacSpeech Dictate
SpeakQ for Windows
  • Integrated into the WordQ software
  • Can be used with people who have speech difficulties
  • Allows typing and speaking at the same time
  • Does not have voice commands

Brainstorming Tools

  • For all ages
  • Colorful and easy to use
  • Presents diagrams, maps, and outlines ideas
  • Creates presentations
  • Creates outlines
Kurzweil 3000
  • Advanced writing tools
  • Brainstorming feature
  • Outline tool

Built-in Additional Features


Office 2013 for Windows


Office 2011 for the Mac

Mobile Applications for iOS and Android

See Mobile Solutions.

Free Online Tools


The following can be helpful for persons needing assistance with note taking, whether it is in the classroom or at work. The ACT Center has the following product(s) for demonstration.

LiveScribe pen Note Taking - LiveScribe Pen

Digital recorder Digital Recorders

Microphones Microphones for Speech Recognition Software