Mobile devices

Mobile Solutions

There's an app for that, but not all apps are created equal. The ACT Center has tested numerous mobile apps for their accessibility features. Here are our recommendations.

Before installing an application, we recommend you read the features, check the rating, and make sure it will run on the device you will be using it with.

MU-Specific Apps

Non-MU Apps

The ACT Center is in no way affiliated with these businesses and provides this information with no guarantees or warranties. More information about these apps is available through the iTunes store or the Android Market.

Scanning and/or OCR Apps

  • DocScanner ($4.99; iOS)
  • Camscanner (free; iOS; Android)
  • Mobile Doc Scanner Lite (free; Android)

Text-to-Speech Apps

  • vBookz PDF Voice Reader US ($4.99; iOS)
  • RepliGo PDF Reader ($2.99; Android)
  • Voice Dream Reader ($9.99 ,iOS)
  • Speak it! ($1.99; iOS)
  • SpeakPad (free; iOS)

Speech-to-Text Apps

  • Dragon Dictation (free; iOS)
  • Dragon Go! (free; iOS)


  • GoodReader ($4.99; iOS)
  • iBooks (free; iOS)
  • Aldiko Book Reader (free; Android)
  • Read2Go ($19.99; iOS)
  • iAnnotate ($9.99; iOS)
  • FBreader (free; Android)
  • Stanza (free; iOS)
  • Moon+ Reader (free; Android)
  • ReaddleDocs ($4.99; iOS)

Audio Books

  • Learning Ally Audio (free; iOS)
  • InDAISY ($19.99; iOS)
  • VOD (Voice of Daisy) ($25.99; iOS)

Visual Assistance

  • LookTel Money Reader ($9.99; iOS)
  • TapTapSee (free; iOS)
  • VizWiz (free; iOS)
  • ColoredEye ($0.99; iOS)
  • AidColors ($1.99; iOS)

Note Taking

  • SoundNote ($1.99; iOS)
  • Notability (free; iOS)
  • EverNote (free; iOS, Android)
  • Simplenote (free; iOS)
  • Extensive Notes (free; Android)
  • Auditorium Notes ($6.99; iOS)
  • Catch Notes (free; Android)

Study Tools

  • FlashCards+++ ($3.99; iOS)
  • (free; iOS)
  • AnkiDroid (free; Android)
  • Ankimobile ($24.99; iOS)
  • AnyMemo Free (free; Android)
  • Study Cards ($2.99; iOS)

Mind Mapping and Brainstorming

  • Popplet Lite (free; iOS)
  • IThoughtsHD ($7.99; iOS)
  • Thinking Space (free; Android)


  • Captionfish (free; iOS)


  • Around Me (free; iOS)
  • Google Places (free; iOS)
  • Sendero GPS ($4.99; iOS,Android)