Mobility Assistance


Are routine tasks painful or difficult to perform? Finding the right piece of technology can make a difference in your day-to-day comfort and performance.

See Supported Software for additional features and support on the software listed below.

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Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition software gives you the capability to use your voice to compose emails, create documents, and even control your computer.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Windows
  • For Windows only
  • Microphone required
  • Several different editions available
  • Use the computer completely hands free
Windows 7 Speech Recognition
Dragon Dictate for Mac
  • Formally known as MacSpeech Dictate
  • For the Macintosh only
SpeakQ for Windows
  • Can be used with people who have speech difficulties
  • Allows typing and speaking at the same time
  • does not have voice commands to remember or distract

Word Prediction

Word prediction software gives the typist several choices of a word as a word is being spelled out.

WordQ for Windows
  • Suggests words as you type and
  • Provides spoken feedback for proofreading
  • Works with Microsoft Word, NotePad, or Outlook
Keystrokes 4 for Mac
  • An on-screen keyboard
  • Allows you to type with a mouse, trackball, or head pointer
  • Type into any standard Mac application, and it has an advanced word prediction.
Co:Writer for Windows and Mac
  • Interprets spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Word prediction
  • Uses the context of a whole sentence to predict the next word
  • Add words and phrases customized to the typist
Kurzweil 3000 for Windows and Mac
  • Features Word prediction
  • Provides a list of possible words based on the letters that are entered and on grammar rules
  • As each letter is entered the words in the list will change
TextHelp Read & Write Gold for Windows and Mac
  • Powerful word prediction
  • Learns the writing style to the typist
  • Features the ability to customize the vocabulary

Built-in Features

Both Windows and Mac have features already built-in to the computer that can assist those who have difficulty using the keyboard, mouse or trackpad.


Navigate your computer easier:

  • Mouse Keys — use the numeric keypad as a mouse
  • Keyboard Shortcuts — open programs quickly
  • Customize Mouse Pointer — make the mouse pointer easier to find on the screen


Make your computer easier to use:

  • Sticky Keys — minimize keystrokes
  • Customize Keyboard Shortcuts — quickly perform tasks
  • Assign Mouse Buttons — customize the mouse clicks for easier navigation
  • Trackpad Gestures — easily control the computer with your fingertips

Mobile Applications

See Mobile Solutions.


We carry a variety of products that can provide an alternative method to typing or an alternative to using the mouse. The ACT Center has these products for demonstration.

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One-handed keyboard One-Handed Keyboards

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