Captions and Transcripts Pricing

The University of Missouri has entered into a contract with the following vendors to provide transcription and captioning services with special pricing:

Automatic Sync Technologies

Turnaround Cost/Minute
Captioning Only* Transcription Only Captioning & Transcription
*User must provide us with a transcript.

Submission/Retrieval Process

Submission Methods:

  • Secure Web Uploads: Upload files onto CaptionSync through account
  • List of URLs: Paste in a list of URLs
  • Lecture Capture and Online Video Platform Integration: i.e., Tegrity
  • Physical Media: DVD, VHS

Retrieving Media: Users will be notified when jobs are complete. Users can log onto their CaptionSync account to obtain files. User content is stored for six months. For more information, visit

3 business days $1.15 $1.50 $2.49
1 business day $1.15 $2.00 $2.99
Same day (8 hours) $1.15 $2.60 $3.75



Captioning & Transcription

Standard 4-day Turnaround Service Cost/Minute
Pay as you go $2.40 ($144/hour)
Prepurchase 100-249 hours $2.35 ($141/hour)
Prepurchase 250-499 hours $2.30 ($138/hour)
Prepurchase 500-999 hours $2.25 ($135/hour)
Prepurchase >1,000 hours $2.15 ($129/hour)

For captions only, user must provide us with a transcript.



Standard 4-day Turnaround Service Cost/Minute
Standard by Gengo $10.50
Pro by Gengo $21.00
Ultra by Gengo $31.50
DotSub $13-26.00


Expedited Services

Service Cost/Minute
2 business days $.75/min additional
1 business day $1.50/min additional
8 hours $2.50/min additional


Submission Methods:

  • Upload files directly from computer onto Secure Direct Uploader
  • Paste in a list of URLs
  • Direct import from an online video platform or lecture capture system
  • FTP
  • API

Retrieving Media: You can download several different formats of the transcript and caption files from your 3PlayMedia account. You may request to receive email notification of completed media. Files are stored indefinitely. For more information on services, visit