Test Your Site

This page provides information about accessibility testing tools that can be helpful in detecting accessibility concerns on websites and web applications. We recommend you test against both Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 to ensure long-term conformance with accessibility guidelines and create the best experience for users of the site or application.

Free Evaluation Checkers

To check the accessibility of sites, explore the free checkers and tools below:

Accessibility Checkers

Single page and site evaluation tools.

For a complete list of Web Evaluation checkers, explore the Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools List provided by W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative.

For information on how to check PDFs and other types of electronic documents,  please visit our Creating Accessible Documents page.

Color Contrast Checkers

  • WebAIM Color Contrast Checker – an in-browser hexadecimal color checker that quickly shows the contrast ratio of any color combination
  • Colour Contrast Analyzer (Win/Mac) – a downloadable tool that allows the user to compare and contrast any color combinations, online or off, no hexadecimal required

Screen Readers

The Web accessibility evaluation checkers listed above can perform automated testing of the web pages and provides information about whether the accessibility guidelines are met and reports the issues. Automated testing needs to be combined with manual testing to complete the process for accessibility checking. Screen readers are programs used by people with visual impairments that provide an auditory representation of what is on the screen. Testing with a screen reader can help achieve manual testing.

Document Accessibility

Visit our webpage Creating Accessibility Documents to learn more about document accessibility.

Request Services

Our team can provide an accessibility evaluation of MU websites or web applications, and assist with how to create accessible web technologies. To request our services, complete the Web Accessibility Services request form.