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Snap&Read by Don Johnston offers various specialized features, including the following key features to support learners:

  • Text-to-Speech or read-aloud tool reads text aloud within online productivity suites like Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite, PDFs (Portable Document Format) and websites for better comprehension.
  • Distraction Minimizer tool removes distracting content so you can focus on the main text.
  • Color Overlay/Reading Line Guide allows you to focus line by line for visual support.
  • Screenshot Reader or OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool allows you to select inaccessible text from PDFs or convert images of text from a smartphone and have it read aloud.
  • Note Outline Taking tool allows you to take notes from websites, and pull in text and images into an outline. It also creates a bibliography.
  • Text Leveler tool simplifies difficult or complex words without changing the meaning to help with comprehension.

Check out these quick demos on YouTube to help you get started:

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Important Note: You only have to sign up for one account to use both Snap&Read and Co:Writer.


Download Snap&Read for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and/or iOS using the links below and sign in:

Call the ACT Center at 573-884-2828 for questions or technical assistance.