Read&Write software features an easy-to-use toolbar, which “floats” above the applications you use on the desktop and within Google.
This program helps you:

  • Improve concentration and focus when reading.
  • Expand on vocabulary, research and writing skills.
  • Increase productivity using highlighting, audio, and dictation.

The most popular features include:

  • Text-to-Speech reads documents, accessible PDFs, web pages, and emails aloud. Adjust the reading speed, voice, and pitch best for you.
  • Simplify Page in the Google extension can used for reading. Block out the distractions and use the Discover feature to highlight and expand your knowledge on the subject.
  • Screen Masking highlights only the text you want to read. It can greatly improve focus.
  • Screenshot Reader allows you to easily select inaccessible text from PDFs or convert images of text and have it read aloud.
  • Highlight and collect text within the pages you are reading. Create study guides and notes to share with classmates, co-workers, or colleagues.

Sign-up for an Account

MU faculty, staff and students can download this software for a 30-day trial at TextHelp Read&Write.
Choose Windows, Mac or Google Chrome.
Once the trial is over, contact the ACT Center for continued use of the software.


Need Help?

Visit TextHelp Tech Support or contact the ACT Center at 573.884.2828 for assistance.